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    Hi! I will be very thankfull to each, who help me.

    1. I can do in WHM 2 way configuration for backup? First, on asecond HDD (daily); Second to remoote server.
    2. It's very hard for server? Backup? Wich way more hard?

    Yes, server P4 3.06 HT

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    You should probably do both... the easiest way is to run your backups daily to another hard drive, then write a script to push these backups to another server. I don't do mine this way, but it's a simpler solution. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    Assuming you have the space available, you'll want to have WHM/cPanel create local backups each night on your second hard drive to protect against a single hard drive failure.

    If you want to protect against complete server failure, you'll also want to back up your data to a remote location, whether this is another one of your own servers, or a backup service.
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    We run our backups to another server.... just set up a vpn to another server (or use coda/sfs etc) works very good

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