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    typo3 performance on dual opterons


    Anyone with experience estimating server performance?

    How many typo3 accounts can I fit into this server with reasonable performance? These are fairly small websites (no streaming media, no large downloads etc).

    dual opteron 242
    3x73BG SCSI (raid5)
    2GB RAM

    I was hoping for 200 accounts (300mb/10GB). I have heard that some servers hold 500-600 accounts but typo3 is a bit different; it's pretty resource intensive in terms of CPU and memory.

    Will upgrading RAM to 4GB make a big difference?


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    As I know, on hosts with 600-700 non-TYPO3 accounts any site with TYPO3 runs slowly.

    The other thing, that must be taken into consideration -
    it is good to use static HTML pages generation with TYPO3.
    Typical small corporate site can do this.

    One TYPO3 core and eAcceselerator can be good idea.

    I have some experience with configuration of TYPO3-hosting on VPS.
    Interesing to see estimation about TYPO3 on dedicated server.
    Russian TYPO3 Laboratory

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