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    unique layout for sale (non-hosting)

    this was supposed to be for a photographer but it never went anywhere. i'm basically just selling the PSDs for this since nothing else was done. the crown graphic is a custom photoshop vector shape and is sutible for any type of printing. the images in view 2 and the large area in the corner are not included as i do not own the rights to them.

    i'll take the best offer but i won't sell it for less than $10.
    i'll slice it into an html or php template for $50 extra.
    payment via paypal.

    layout view 1
    layout view 2

    this has never been sold before and never will again. please don't PM me with bids, post them here so otherss can see.

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    i can give 15 $ for the psd files

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    that looks very nice, good job

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    template sold.

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    very nice layout!

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