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    ThePlanet recommendations?

    Been investigating TP and others and TP seems to provide much of what we need both now, and further down if we decide to move actual hosting to them. (At this point, we're just looking at them as a public file store for our current websites)

    Seems TP has gotten some negative feedback lately, so this post is more for the positive feedback or the overall feelings of TP before we make this plunge. We're currently spending about $4k per month in managed hosting, and that cost will only escalate as we grow. Even with the "titanium" level at TP, we would see a very decent cost savings. Not to mention we'd be moving to faster servers, so we could theoretically considate some clients on existing servers. All of our hosting is Windows based, and the machine we're looking at initially at TP is the P2800SR (dual 2.8 xeon's, 2gig of ram, 2x73 scsi raid 1). Later down the road, should we look to move our hosting to them, we'd probably be looking at four servers to begin with, and add a new server every 2-3 months.

    I would appreciate any comments from "old timers" and "new timers" at TP.

    Thanks much!


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    I've been with ThePlanet since 2003. They've served me quite well. I don't have the experience with their top of the line managed hosting, because I take care of server management myself, but the support I have received from them has been excellent. If you need a ticket attended to on a priority basis, give them a call and they will take care of it. The network has also been good, at least in dllstx2. I've had an outage in the last year, due to a routing glitch, but that's about it. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    I use them and I've been very happy with them. They've always been friendly, helpful and decent, even on complex issues - I've found their level2+ technicians to be a good bunch so far.

    We had a faulty NIC adaptor and they ran through all possibilities before exchanging the hardware at a scheduled time (although they missed the window we gave them by a few minutes, but I can live with that).

    I think those who bash TP are (mostly) those who don't really know how to administrate a server and so who yell in tickets blah blah. I'm always incredibly professional and concise, and they are back.

    Sometimes they can take up to an hour to respond to a reboot request, however the Titanium gives you a dedicated support engineer and direct escalation. Also ringing them up gets quick responses, too.

    You may also want to check out their big-boy branch at, although you're talking serious dosh then

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    We've been with them a number of years, from before ServeMatrix existed and it was only ThePlanet.

    They were absolutely fantastic and I've stood up for them in these forums many times but things are definitely on the decline.

    We have problems with them every other month or so with billing ( which has always been their weakest department ) - we regularly get mails trough that they were unable to bill our card when there's no problem with the card at all and it's the same one they bill every other month. Sorting this out is a nightmare every single time and like wading through treacle.

    Also yesterday someone there mistakenly deleted the vlan setup for 3 of our servers which caused 400 odd customer accounts to be off the air for 6 hours or so. I understand that people make mistakes but the huge amount of time they took to remedy this isn't so easily swallowed.

    In terms of services offered and 'bang for the buck' they are still head and shoulders above anyone else but the support is getting worse and the billing ain't getting any better and this seems to be a continual decline as they add more servers and staff.

    Don't get me wrong they're still good and better than others we've dealt with but they're nothin on what they were and the signs for the future aren't good.

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    I have an experience of three differnt data centers.. though I wont name the other two (one server still there ).. I can very comfortably say TP is the best... there were some problems recently but that doesnt happens everyday... they have a great record of uptime..
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    I've been with ThePlanet since early 2003 and I couldn't be happier. I will say I have had a few issues but when compared to the daily issues I've suffered from other datacenters I'll be a customer of ThePlanet for a long time.

    As far as uptime is concerned, one of the main switches a few of my servers are under failed late last year. The server were offline for approximatly 20 minutes. Other than this single incedent, I have had 100% uptime since 2003.

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    Give them a shot, but make sure you cancel at least 7 days in advance.

    We at Server Matrix don't find it appealing in pushing and inappropriately advertising cancellation information for customers when they have just ordered a new server. That's a long the same lines as promoting cancellations for newly installations. Customers are advised to read the Terms and Conditions before proceeding with the order, cancelling is entirely up to them, we don't advise them when or how, through our policy it is left up to the descretion of the consumer.

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    Thanks much for the replies! As big as they are, I somewhat expected to be deludged by responses. Now I'm left to wonder if the lack or response is good or bad LOL

    Thanks again!

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    Go with a local. Are you in CA? There are a ton out there with real nice people.

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    good thing about the planet is they have 24/7 toll free technical support who are really there. They are willing to go extra mile for a customer
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    Sometimes they may formated your servers - you were be warned

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    Man, so many new posters with stupid comments! "Sometimes they may formated your servers" - yeah, I hope they do, right before they give them to me.

    I've been a customer since early 2004, and have one TP and one SM server. I'm looking at taking an another two or three TotalControl servers in the next few months. I've only had one problem, which was when they had the UPS problem a few weeks back. When I called them (the only time I have ever needed to), they still answered in under 2 rings. All the tickets I have opened have been dealt with professionally and swiftly.

    Bottom line is this - sure, there has been a lot of negative stuff about them recently. I'm sure this is down to the growing pains of starting up DC5 and getting a whole bunch of new customers. I'd much rather they kept investing in their business than remaining static. There has been a lot of new stuff come on board recently, TippingPoint, ISS, more Gig-Es. I'm also seeing a lot more staff posting on the forums now.

    We're not some two-bit hosting company looking for the cheapest servers around. Our customers pay us big money for our software and many of them totally rely on the services we provide via our servers. I would not jeapourdise our customers by hosting with a tin-pot outfit, and that is why I am happy to stick with The Planet.

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    Heh ))) you dont believe this ? Please ask about server ( and date 22.04.2005
    It is theplanet Total Control server P2800SR5X + cpanel + cross conection + 1 Gb additional ram
    Itwas formated due :
    "(jstewart-04/22/2005 00:20:43):
    there was a clerical error with serial numbers, and the machine next to yours requested reload. please get me the info, so that i can get your system started installing."

    As a compesation they gave us ONE MONTH CREDIT for one of our server ($600) so please dont make me lought because we have to fight for this credit till now......

    We had 8 servers in TP now we have only 4

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    I do believe you - I had this happen to me with the provider I used before I came to TP. But when you use humans, mistakes happen. Believe me, I'd be pretty pissed off if this happened to me, but the perfect provider does not exist, just some very good ones.

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    Second issue is their automated accounting system which is so weak that we have to fight for every one dollar for 30 days or longer
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    I've heard that accounts can be difficult to deal with too. I've only had one issue with them, and that was when my credit card expired. They opened a ticket asking for a new cc, I responded and they confirmed that payment had gone through.

    Technicians are paid to look after the customers, accounts are paid to get the money in. Nobody likes billing departments

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