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    WEBMIN/Virtualmin - Desperate for help

    Hi everybody!

    I need to do one little thing but I just can't.. I've been trying for hours and hours..

    When I add a new virtual server I would like it not to create public_htmll, cgi-bin, logs etcetera.

    All I want to be created is the home directory (which would be the domain name)

    Is this possible?

    I have been manually modifying config-files for virtual-min and removed all traces of "public_html" but it keeps getting created.

    Do you know how to make it go away??

    Thank a lot!!

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    Well i don't get it why would you want to get rid of the public_html folder. That is the web directory for virtual domain.

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    Well I am using thttpd which will treat the folder with the same name as the domain as the "public_html" folder..

    any idea?

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    4 months late, but here

    Sure. Go to virtualmin. Click on server template. Default settings.

    Change the public_html on the TWO instances in the directive settings and ALSO change the users website subdirectory to create. THESE MUST MATCH.

    Good luck

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