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    Advertise on local FM Radio station (LushFM 107.5fm) - Cheap special limited offer!

    Advertise on LUSH Radio.

    LUSH Radio is a local radio station based in Leicester - United Kingdom. It broadcasts on 107.5fm.

    I've recently started working at Lush as a DJ and have a weekly show from 8pm -> 9pm every Wednesday.

    I am able to offer ad space to have your company mentioned during the show several times (at least 4 times - 15min intervals).

    Show has a lot of listeners and a lot of time has been invested in advertising, so we have a good amount of listeners.

    The pricing is:
    Advertising: $200 per show
    Exclusive advertising (only your company mentioned): $350 per show

    Advertise on both shows: $370 ($30 discount)
    Exclusive advertising on both shows: $600 ($100 discount)

    You will be able to listen to the show via a live streaming internet link.

    I have a show tomorrow. If you want to appear on that, then get in touch with me ASAP to get advertised.
    Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.

    For more information about the show or the station then please get in touch with me on [email protected].
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    How many people do you reach? What are the demographics, what kind of music do you play? What are some of your other advertisers that are big names? Website for the radio station?
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