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    Easy question about DNS and localdomains.

    I've done a search and found alot of results, but I want to be sure I put the correct info in. My provider doesn't offer help on external DNS configs, maybe somone here could make a quick post to help me out.

    I host a domain on my reseller account at my provider. The domain is This domain has its own account within WHM, I control the DNS through WHM. I'm having my provider add this domain to the localdomains list. What changes do I need to add/make within the DNS and MX entries to complete this? I know enough to be dangerous, unfortunately. We host the mail externally, I want to have all mail goto the external mailserver, including mail sent from the server, that is why I had my provider add the domain to the localdomains list.

    I currently have the following records setup to allow mail that is not sent via the server to get sent to my external server.

    DNS records:
    mailserver A MX

    MX Entry points to:

    If you could list the changes I need to add or make verbatim, that would be great. I hope this is enough, please reply if not.

    Thanks guys!

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    if you want it to go to another IP other then then just change the mailserver A record to point to the IP you want your mail to go to
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