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    F.A.Q. Script


    I am searching for a Frequently Asked Questions script. I would like the script to have features where the administrator can create categories, as well as sort the F.A.Q.s with the script (i.e. You don't have to add things in the proper order, you can just add them in a random order and then sort them.) This script should also be easy to use and look attractive. Any help you can offer me is greatly appreciated.
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    Lore is a good one

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    Thanks. It looks great, but it's a bit pricey. If I have to pay that much I will, but I was hoping for something less expensive.
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    982 has been working great for me
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    Oh... Helpexec all the way...

    I absolutely love it.

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    I also recommend Our clients like it, and it's easy to use for both admin and users.

    The company that makes it is and they also make several other excellent scripts. ( and

    They offer great support, too.
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    Originally posted by Laci has been working great for me
    Looks great! Thanks for the tip!

    Its probably the same one that ModernBill use aswell
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    Never tried it, so I can't vouch for it's usefulness, but it's an option. It also helps that it's freely installed with most cpanel hosts.
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    SupportTrio has a very nice FAQ built in, I believe they offer it as a standalone product as well...

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