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    Ok here's the story:

    I took advantage of's 777 promo and got a .info domain through them.

    I tried to transfer that .info domain to

    I go through namecheap's domain transfer process and enter in the EPP code I get through the control panel

    It gets rejected because of
    Reason for Cancellation :
    Canceled - Invalid EPP/authorization key - Please contact current registrar to obtain correct key

    I have contacted support at dreamhost and they insist the EPP code is correct.

    I have contacted support at namecheap ([email protected]) but have not gotten a reply from them. Maybe they are being spam blocked??? (I don't think my email deletes spam, although I'm not sure)

    Anyways, what should I do? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    More info:
    The domain I got was a new one, but over 60 days have passed so it should now be transferrable.

    It has been over 2 weeks and I haven't gotten a response from's support. And that was my second email.

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    Hello Glen,

    If you emailed us you did not get a response then that means your email is not getting to us for some reason. I have PMed you a secondary email address where you can reach me directly.

    Please let me know if you have any issues with secondary email address.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
    Richard Kirkendall

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    glennchan, make sure that you have the domain name Unlocked as well, and admin email is correct. I am sure Richard will take care of you. Also send the losing regiatar an email to see what the hold up is as well. They will have more info as well.

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    Do .info 's need unlocking? I was under the impression that they do not, but you need the proper EPP code.

    I've double checked that my admin email is correct.


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    I doubt .info domain names need to be unlocked. You need EPP Code for transferring it away.
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