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    Smile New to web hosting

    Hi there. This is my first posting and I could really do with some advice. I'm thinking of getting into web hosting and was wondering if anyone has had any experience (good or bad) of Any comments appreciated as I'm always wary of a company whose website is full of typos!

    Thanks, Andy

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    A search on WHT turns up nothing, and Google has less than 4 results. The domain was registered in Sept. of 2004, so they seem semi-new. Sort of like they came out of no where

    The prices on the plans seem reasonable and that's all I could find, sorry! :-/

    They also seem to own, a web design company.
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    A webhost full of ads? I wouldn't trust it. If they have a phone ring them and ask a few support questions. Try to e-mail support as well.

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