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Thread: well, its over

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    well, its over


    i get home today to find my server has been hacked and all accounts terminated. whats the next step now?



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    Sorry to hear about that. The only thing you could do is to order an OS Reload so that you get a fresh server then secure the server before restoring all your clients data back to the server and continue from there.

    Make sure that you change the root password and ensure that there is no backdoor to your server.

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    i cant get to the server as of yet, im with ev1, would you reccomend anywhere else or is this a safe bet?

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    I would probably order a whole new box as EV1 has instant setup anyway. Just cancel this box first..As for the accounts, THIS is exactly why I love backups. They seem unncessary at first, but once something like this happens they are a life saver

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    well im ok as of backups, i have all my sites OK but im my terms of service and disclaimer it is clearly stated that users have to make their own backups and we take no responsibility. Although, when i get back on my feet im definately going to start doing them for clients.

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    If you're gonna use EV1, be sure you have your server hardened by a pro. does a great job and so does

    Well worth the minimal cost.

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    this must have been some serious noob hacker, or somebody who managed to guess/get the password. We have his IP and have matched it with all the commands run through cpanel....

    ***.***.***.*** - root [03/May/2005:18:45:54 +0000] "POST /scripts2/domultikill HTTP/1.1" 0 "" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)"

    plus the logs of when he was in / out of SSH. We have tracked the IP down to a specific ISP and contacted their abuse department.

    Anyone have any ideas what we should do next?



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    Take legal action

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    seeing as all the accts were deleted, i was wondering if UNIX is like windows. Are the files marked as free and set to available for writing over? If so are any files recoverable?

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    I assume he got root.

    Which means he can do anything he wanted.

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    It's a lesson learned - don't even accept customers before you have a viable contingency plan. It is catastrophic to a hosting company to lose customer data... as the host you're expected to protect their data from loss.

    Have the server reloaded by ev1 first, then have someone harden the server for you. Keep in mind passwords that are easily guessed may as well not be passwords at all. Then, restore your customer accounts and email them to apologize.

    Once you've taken care of your customers, you should definitely look into a backup solution that's off-server. You have to operate on the assumption that even if you lose the entire server (meteor strike, nuclear blast, EMP bomb, space aliens), you will have recourse. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    Anyone have any ideas what we should do next?


    Invest in a gun and shoot their *** off, then hit yourself on the head with it for not making backups of customer sites!

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    Actually from the original poster's signature, it appears that he is offering free hosting so if it is free, the customers cannot really insist on anything because you get what you paid for.

    Even without backup, all you need to do is if it is still worthwhile a business then start from fresh with a new machine and make sure the machine is secured and monitored for any vulnerability and access. Shut off whatever services that you do not need and keep it as lean as possible.

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    Get a lawyer. Have a subpoena sent to the ISP to have his information released. Pursue criminal charges. Hacking in some cases is a 3rd degree felony.

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    the site in the signature is not up, i run which is paid hosting.

    thanks to all with the advice...

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