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    DedicatedNow - Ugh!

    I ordered a DedicatedNow box sometime back in an offer. Everything went good until I had a weird problem...

    A few days back, something (not sure) what went wrong and the server couldn't resolve domains for an unknown reason. I contact them and their techs were'nt sure of this too.

    After a few hours, they replied saying:

    Either you modified your named settings or something else did as when I add our nameserver to your /etc/resolv.conf file, the file that resolves domains locally, everything works fine. It has nothing to do with your network connection. I suggest updating cpanel if you haven't done so already, and then check out your named settings. Stuff like this just doesn't fail for no reason. Something was modified, by who, I don't know. If you have upgraded cpanel recently, that could be the cause.
    I replied back saying that I'm a noob, I did'nt mess with the settings at all, but again they replied saying :

    I already explained that the server does not resolve domains...when you are ready for me to go to work on it...let me know.
    I explained them it was'nt my fault, its was network their issue, but they refused to accept.

    Then I said I would pay the fixing charges if they prove (by logs or whatever) that I messed it up, but they never replied to it, fixed the problem in a minute and billed me $37.50 without any reason.

    I believe its their network issue, atleast its not my fault which I'd pay that amount for....

    ... please let me know your thoughts.


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    Ignoring my obvious alligance...

    IF you server tries to resolve a domain name it checks a list of IP's in /etc/resolv.conf. Now if they aren't responding or set to something silly then it will fail to translate the domain name int an IP (i.e. resolve it)

    Reading the messages it appears this file got corrupted and they fixed it and thats what you were charged for


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    $37.50 for a simple fix? Seems too much if you ask me

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    OpenXG, What is the ticket # you are referencing and let me see what the situatino is and speak to the tech who actually worked on our problem. As what you are describing doesn't sound anylike like a network issue. Also, it appears rus assesment might be right on the money. But I will be happy to take a look into your problem for you. so please PM me or post the ticket # here.

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    Perhaps, but I asked them to check the logs (or whatever) and if its my fault, I'd pay. Isn't that reasonable?

    Yes, and it unreasonable or I would'nt have raised an issue here to hammer them for an amount like that.

    Thanks for the quick response Jay, PM'ed you. Please look into it asap.


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    They probably just made you a new resolv.conf and put their nameservers IP addresses in it. It was either wrong from the start or became corrupt.

    I suggest you read their Terms of Service, they most likely charge per 15 minutes rounded up. 2 minutes rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes would be 15 minutes correct? If they charge $37.50 per 15 minutes(their wording might be different) then everything seems to be exacly like you agreed to when you signed up.

    If you don't like the extra charges than you need a fully managed provider that does not charge "per incident".

    If you search these forums you will find thousands of other threads just like this one. They went unmanaged when they should have gone managed. It really gets tiresome, go pick up ANY linux book and they will reference resolv.conf.

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