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    Cheap Web Hosts have better support than "Supposed" Top Quality Hosts??


    I have been will lots of "cheap" web hosts for about 5 years and got plenty of features and good support for a cheap price.

    Now I have to find a host for a big dynamic website and cheap hosts said that their shared accounts cannot handle millions hits (1 to 5 millions at most) so I started looking at, and for their medium business packages that are around the $50 monthly fees. Most cheap web hosts have "live chat" 24/7 and respond to their support or sales emails within 15 minutes (That's what I got from, very cheap, but nothing to complain about customer service and uptime... allways up and good). But what I was about to say about, and is that no one has answered my "sales" emails and messages sent trough the contact form and I did that 2 days ago (hostway: yesturday). Also, and offer and promote their "live sales chat" and no one is there. Verio at anytime of the day is Unavailable and interland... I waited more than 30 minutes two times this morning and last night, but no response. Try Hostforweb and it will take 30 seconds to have a response and they are CHEAP. I though those web hosts were HIGH professionals but just after realising how the customer service is poor... I should stay with cheap web hosts.

    You would probably say that if a shared hosting package cant handle a million of hits per month then take a vps or dedicated server. But that's the problem. I need fully managed solutions because I don't know a thing about server mangement. There are some fully managed solutions but those are SO expansive.

    That is why the plan at interested me:
    3 GB Disk Space
    Unlimited Data Transfer (That is useful because I need more than 300-500 GB/month because of image files on my site)
    Good Uptime and Speed
    For $49/month... this can handle millions of hits per month and is fully managed

    What can I find similar to this package with a GOOD cheap web host? I didn't find anything...

    That's why I am here... a little disapointed. So do you think there are solutons for me? Where, what price?

    Thank you all...

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    That's a lot of bandwidth. A VPS or dedicated server might indeed be your best solution. I daresay that their "Unlimited Data Transfer " is unlikely to stretch to 500GB/month, though I could be wrong. I'd read the TOS/AUP very carefully.

    As to support. I'm not familiar with the host you mention but most of the "small cheap hosts" (small and cheap are relative terms) may have more responsive support simply due to the fact that they have a smaller userbase with correspondingly fewer demands on their support structure and so can be more responsive.

    This is not to excuse poor customer service from larger hosts, just a possible explaination. It also serves to indicate possible understaffing or a busy period for support.

    Might look places like or but they'll be at least 2-3 times the cost of that Verio shared plan. There are losts of VPS options in that price range but I don't personally know of any that are managed.
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    With that kind of bandwidth demand, your old hosts are right about shared space. But I would say the $50 per month for that bandwidth is pretty good, coming from companies that have been around for a long time.

    I do get better responses from my mid-sized hosted (***********), but they don't give the instantenous responses you're mentioning.

    If you're going to handle a site that does that much action, you're really going to need to go with a separate server, and $50 is pretty good, IMO. Sorry to say, there are limits to bargain vs. growth.

    Since you're not an ops admin, have you tried calling some mid-sized guys about a managed server? Some of the smaller guys can be very flexible, though I doubt you'll get what you need for only $50.

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    Your comparison is like comparing Verizon or Qwest, to Ester's Backyard Phone Service.

    This is your defining statement:
    "I have been will lots of "cheap" web hosts for about 5 years"
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    Bare in mind that lots of smaller web hosts with cheaper prices are doing this for a reason. They have cheaper overhead and low employee costs (typically 1-2 man show).

    Now compare this with Verio, or Interland where thousands of members are requesting support / sales help / billing questions. Verio also has their own facility, which keeps adding to the cost.
    $50 for a package like you stated above sounds pretty fair to me.

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    Thank you all for your responses.

    I have been able to reach an interland sales reprensentative but I don't think their solution is the best for me.

    Verio's package is more expensive, but I think I will get more speed and performance with them.

    Other than verio, anyone knows a good web host designed for dynamic web site that'll get a lot of hits/month? (managed solution, speed, performance, a lot of "bandwidth") with a price range from $30 to $60/month?

    Thank you again!

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    Smaller host are more "personal" with you (as you are one of their customers

    Large hosts its easy to get seen as just a number (or in this case a just another domain name)

    Service stills sells and is in demand...

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    You may look into DreamHost, or Micfo. I have shared accounts with both, and no complaints.
    DreamHost offers generous bandwidth+space, Micfo lots of features.
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    You may be able to find a VPS package from one of the smaller hosting companies which meets your needs or could be customized to meet them. Chances are that shared hosting is not going to meet your needs, even from one of the "big guys".
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    I was 1 click away from signing up with Verio, but a sales reprentative called me at the right time saying that mod-rewrite is not enabled on the 'shared server' and for me this is..... how can I say that... TOO important for my dynamic website needs? /

    So thanks again for your replies... Most of you suggest me vps. Can you please suggest me some good MANAGED vps hosts? with a enough of bandwidth?


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    If you are expecting 1 to 5 million users on this site, you need to be worried about more than just data transfer - CPU load and overall server performance too. What is it that you are doing on this site? If it has interactive features like forums or shopping cart features, the site IMO is not shared hosting material.

    Realistically, if you care about the performance of this site, you need to up your budget and go with a managed dedicated server solution. Otherwise, you are probably going to end up learning the hard way that your new shared solution is not cutting it and the site might suffer downtime while you search for something more comperable.
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    Also, and offer and promote their "live sales chat" and no one is there. Verio at anytime of the day is Unavailable and interland... I waited more than 30 minutes two times this morning and last night, but no response.
    For what is worth, I just finished a live chat session with one of Verio's sales representatives. No issues getting a hold of someone, in fact I spoke with two representatives.

    After describing a site with your needs, I was gently led to believe that one of their VPS solutions would be the better choice. Their shared hosting servers have hundreds of sites on them while a VPS server apparently has only 20 accounts on it.

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    ldcdc : yes I also reached a sales representative. Seems like its easier in the afternoon to reach them. The guy was very profesional. I also got an email from Interland.

    What you guys said is that bigger hosting businesses may take longer to answer emails, sales questions and give customer support because of their large requests. It seems 100% true.

    I still didn't find a solution for my future website. Some people say I should take a large "shared BUSINESS account" with the big guys (big cies), some other say that I should take a VPS and some say I should go with a dedicated server. Maybe I haven't been clear enough! Sorry all

    My website will be 70% dynamic. php scripts, mysql queries, and thousands of photos of approx. 15 kb each that will be added and deleted some days later. I will use mod-rewrite to be search engine friendly.

    I need a web hosting plan (shared hosting or VPS or dedicated server) that will keep my website fast and up until I get to approx. 1 million of hits/month. At this moment, I will have more budget to upgrade to a bigger solution. (the host must have upgrade solutions).

    The problem is that, to start, I have a budget limit of approx. 60$/month. When I'll reach the million visitors / month I'll have enough of money to upgrade to a real big solution. (I will probably change before reaching the million of visitors, but just in case I want to be sure..). Ok, the other problem is that I cannot manage the server myself so to start I have to find a solution around the $60/month or less that will handle a lot of visitors and will be fully managed (every shared hosting is managed I guess, but most VPS and dedicated aren't and cost $$$$$ to be).

    Verio package 50$/month would have been good enough for me to start and has all the features I need exept mod-rewrite... So there is probably an other host somewhere in the world that has a solution for me I am certainly not the only one that starts an ebusiness and that want to upgrade from time to time as the business grows!

    I am still looking for a solution (

    Thanks guys for your replies

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    Is this site a free site or a site that will generate revenue?

    A business owner that has a site with 1M+ visitors and presumably generating revenue that can't afford more than $60/month?  Something's wrong with this picture.

    If it's a free site being run as a hobby or public service, with 1M+ visitors I'm sure banners, adwords, or other methods would easily generate much more than $60/month of advertising that could subsidize properly hosting the site.

    Either way, as much as everyone wants a "great deal", having a budget of $60 seems both unrealistic and very naiive. Web Services - High-performance Hosting & Fully Managed Servers
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    when someone starts a business, this person may or may not have a lot of budget to start. I did mention pretty well that this is to start and when I'll have more traffic (which means revenue) then I'll upgrade and I'll pay 1000$/month if I need to. As I already explained in other words.

    I am not looking for the cheapest -> just see where I was looking for solutions: interland, verio and hostway.

    I just wanted to be sure to find a temporary solution that can handle a great number of visitors before upgrading to a real bigger solution. Most host will "block" or stop my web site if one day I come to have too much visitors (that's what they told me). With Verio I shouldn't have this kind of problem as the salesman told me.

    Verio has offered me a pretty good deal and once I reach the top of the line, they will automatically transfer me to a powerful dedicated server. I am sure many companies can do that, but I am also sure that Verio won't "block" my website and that I can trust them more than I can trust others... (I am not complaining about cheaper hosts... I have been with hostforweb for years and never got troubles... always up, always satisfied, always excellent customer support...)

    This business may grow very fast or may not, so I have to be ready and take precautions to avoid having big problems.

    Also, you said that $60 is not realistic. Verio has a solution priced at $50/month that can handle MUCHO MUCHO visitors. Sure there are limits and I do know them. I am not dreaming of a $60 solution for the whole life of my business.. it's just to start. The $50 offer from Verio didn't interest me because mod-rewrite is not enabled. The salesman, as I told above, made me a pretty good deal... A little bit more than $50, but a very good solution for the price, and to start it's the best for me!
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    i dont get it either. You expect to launch and have millions of hits, but have next to no budget? Doesnt make much sense to me. If I was pulling that kind of traffic Id happily be paying for a better suited solution. So is the traffic you are mentioning unrealistic or planned over time? And if over time, how much time. Its perfectly possible what you are using now will be fine for your actual needs until growth neccesitates a move. And at that point, Id hope you were generating enough income to expand as needed.

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    I don't think I'm out of line in assuming you are not a venture-financed, dot-com style startup.  (If you were, you would have several hundred thousand or several million and you would be busy shopping not worrying about the price tag.)

    I think your original post was a bit confusing.  It sounded like you had an existing business or a growing site that was quickly reaching 1 million+ visits.  The reality appears to be that you have a yet-to-be-launched site with 0 visitors and pie-in-the-sky dreams of reaching 1 million+ visitors on what is probably a very small sales and marketing budget.

    (Typically, sales and marketing expenses are a small portion of operating expenses, so by extrapolation your budget for sales & marketing is a percentage of $60/month).

    Seriously, you're best bet would be to find a good regular host in the $10 to $20 range, save your money, and then move your site when it eventually hits a traffic level that actually needs more resources.

    As a short-term strategy, that will save you $40+ per month.  In percentage terms, that's almost a 70% savings on your current budget. Web Services - High-performance Hosting & Fully Managed Servers
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