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    Complete newbie in need of help

    Alrighty here's my situation. I have quickly outgrown my shared hosting area and am looking into dedicated hosting.

    I have absolutely no idea what i'm doing with a dedicated server. Don't worry i haven't bought one or anything yet. But i need to pretty soon.

    I need a crash course in simple english to get me going with dedicated servers. I just need to move my site over and get it operational. Tha't my main goal. nothing fancy.

    I have very little knowledge of programming and scripting and such so I really am in the dark.

    Please help!

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    By all means get a managed server. That is extremely important in your situation.

    Check out:

    Those guys are very good and a great network. Also, I would suggest getting an outside admin to assist in any issues you do not understand and that are outside the scope of the suppliers managed services.

    Look at

    Good luck!

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    Thanks guys! I'm in the dark and to say the least a little cornered.

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    It's not as hard to do as it seems, especially if you're already using one of the big control panels (cPanel, DA, Plesk, etc). You can order a server that uses the same control panel and use it to manage virtually the entire server. If you don't get a fully managed server, have someone do some initial hardening for you, like or a sysadmin friend.
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