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    Question help with moving domain and transferring email

    I have three freelance clients who I host on 3 separate shared-hosts packages. The level of service recently has been abissmal and I therefore want to transfer everything to my dedicated server. I have done domain transfers before and am running a mail server on the dedicated box. My only worry is my client losing email and not getting mail at all whilst the domain is in transit, is there any way to stop this happening perhaps setting up another mx record before I move the domain?

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    Either way you're going to have a problem - I would recommend just planning the migration and taking care of it during a slow period rather than messing with anything complex that will most likely end up failing in the end anyways.
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    Set the MX entries on the current plans to point towards the new server.

    Or simply create forwarders for the e-mail to an offsite address during propagation to the new server, remove the forwarders, and voila, you've successfully avoided mail loss during a transition by sending it to a third party e-mail address.

    One thing I would like to note, if you didn't do either of the above, you won't necessarily have e-mail loss unless the shared plans are shut down before propagation is complete. You just may end up with new e-mail split between the servers.
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    thanks for your help. I would ideally like to set up forwarding for the transition, but the ISP charge 60+VAT for 5 accounts to forward. I was hoping to set up another mx record and wait till its propogated then transfer.

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    I'm no expert - but here's my recent and actual experience.

    Same thing - my service was just, ugh. So I found some new email and got it all setup and accounts created beforehand. Then I updated the domain's MX record and the transfer began. The key here is that we didn't notify our original email provider until about a week after the transfer was complete. During that time, our users were able to log into both systems and catch the few messages (literally only one or two per user) and forward them to safety. Once it was done, we pulled the plug on the old email.

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    the problem i have is, i dont have access to any control panels, so any changes must be done through the isp and most options are chargeable!! arghh!

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