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    MSN homepage takes over my google toolbar and address bar

    I have the google toolbar and my homepage is

    Whenever I open my browser and i start typing in either the google toolbar or address bar my cursor always ends up in the msn search field automatically.

    It is quite annoying. Is MSN doing this on purpose?

    This happen to anyone else?

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    You didnt by any chance install msn messenger or similar as theres some options there, i misread once and ended up with MSN Toolbar and msn search my default search engine.

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    This happened to me once too. I did a system rollback and everything was normal again.

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    To the thread starter, this is simply some code on the page that directs the cursor to the input box on the search form. If you load the page, wait for the whole page to load, then try to type in your Google bar, there will be no issues.

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