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Thread: Contacting NAC

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    Contacting NAC

    Has anyone had success contacting NAC/15minuteservers some way other than support@ or with the create a ticket page? I've been unsuccessful in getting responses either way today, and after 5 days I'm tired of not having a server that stays online.

    Their forums require moderator approval of accounts so I can't ask there. A secret phone number perhaps?
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    Only took 4 hours to get a reply, that they haven't even read the ticket:

    From: Steven Jupin @ Net Access Corporation

    Currently i see your machine as pingable. I am unable to gain access via ssh. Please give me access via ssh so i may troubleshoot this issue. Or please send in some llog files to help us determine the problem.
    Thank You

    >> ====[ EMAIL APPEND: 5/3/2005 8:20:18 AM by [email protected] ]==============================
    >> Hello,
    >> Can you please review my original ticket under this ticket # from
    >> yesterday. The server disappeared again a few hours ago and after
    >> issuing a power cycle reboot it is not responding again. Please
    >> repair (permanently, not just reboot the thing until it comes up)
    >> or provide a functioning server. I would like to get this problem
    >> resolved so I can go on with normal business.
    >> Regards,
    >> Dan Grossman
    As you can see, I asked him to review the original ticket. I replied directly to that ticket from yesterday, so it's the same ticket ID he's responding to. That message included what was going on, SSH account/password, and authorization to do what they need to do so they don't need to ask. Is it too hard to read a ticket before replying to it?
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    And the machine was pingable because I gave up waiting for them after 3 hours and power cycled again. Now they can't see whatever hung it up again.
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    No logs?

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    There was never anything in /var/logs/messages or anything else in that directory other than stuff starting up after I rebooted.

    There's now in /var/log/messages (was not before I sent the ticket, or before the previous reboots):

    init: open(/dev/console): Input/output error
    Followed by a bunch of "init: Id "x" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes"

    I can't get the actual lines for you since the server just died again, or was shutdown, I can't tell if they're actually working on it or not and don't want to issue a power cycle if they are. But I doubt they are.
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    They're building me a new one. Yay. I can get the two sites relying on having a new database server back online today, hopefully.
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    New system delivered with the wrong amount of RAM. Back to the build table
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    I have 3 servers at NAC (15minuteservers) and 2 of them have the same exact problem. They lock ups and need to be power cycled.

    For the first one, they started by stating it could be the BIOS. They flashed it and the server kept hanging every week. A few power cycles later, they finally changed the RAM. Now that server has been up for about a month, I am still crossing my fingers..

    The second had been working fine for two months until recently. It has locked 3 times in 10 days and their support seems to considering this as perfectly normal.
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    Very weird. I have another server at NAC that was set up in August 04 that has never crashed once.

    The new server was finally back with the correct amount of RAM last night and.. guess what.. with practically nothing running on it (I had only time to copy one small mysql db to it and open remote access so a website on the other server could use it)... it crashed 3 times by the end of the night. Again, nothing in /var/log/messages except startup stuff.

    I have this suspicion that when I told them they forgot the extra 512MB RAM I ordered, they pulled it from the server they were replacing and put it in mine, and the RAM was the problem. Maybe. They replaced both sticks for me this morning and it's been online for 3 hours now. Hoping it stays up this time.
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