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    Server Hosting in Europe

    I need to have a server hosted in Europe for our Organisation. Request you to suggest the organisations which [rovide managed server services in Europe.

    I am looking for Web server hosting with Red HAT OS.

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    Note that traffic costs are high in EU and the most competitive price is probably in .nl or .de if it's still up have quite a few links in europe.

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    Traffic costs are not at all "high" in the EU. Look at France, find a USA server as cheap as french unmetered and i'll award you a medal Bandwidth costs are however extremely high in the UK, and a few other countries.

    French servers (warning, never used one, don't know how great free-ix is, try searching for more info).

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    Well...sligtly good bandwith in EU is expensive. And..i wouldn't trust with anything. I've heard to much bad about them. Actually rack365 is the only provider in EU with highbandwith plans i haven't heard a lot of bad things about. But bandwith prices in NL DE and SE are indeed not that bad..just not down to US prices yet.

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