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    subdomain in subdomain


    One of my customers (in cpanel) create a subdomain in another subdomain !
    (create sub2 in : )

    but the subdomain does not work correctly !

    What shoud I do ?

    Thank you

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    I also did never succeed in creating a sub-subdomain via cPanel/WHM. I mean real subdomain. Because virtual sub-subdomains are there. One has only to allow for their creation in httpd.conf like this

    ServerAlias *
    :: :: :: :: :: ::
    :: VDSP.Net :: Directory of virtual and dedi serv providers by location and price

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    Thank you for your help,

    I did changed httpd.conf and add SeverAlias in VirtualHost ,
    And I change /var/named/ and add DNS Zone for that Subdomain (because when I check this file I cannot found DNS Zone for new Subdomain)

    But the Subdomain did not work correctly , yet

    What should I do ?

    Thanks in advanced

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