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    Uber n00b needs a simple explanation!

    Hi WHT,

    I was hoping someone might be able to explain in very simple terms, about domain names.

    I have a dedicated server, and am happily learning bits and bobs at a comfortable rate, but domain names really puzzle me.

    Basically, i have a ded server with 5 usable IP addresses.

    I've bought some domain names, and wanted to use them as a full sites - ie. have, have [email protected], have

    To do this, i've gone into WHM and added them as reseller accounts (This way, they get all of the above, and they can access their own Cpanel)

    But now, i've used up the 5 IP addresses, and don't want to purchase more.

    Is there an easier way of doing this? So i could buy a domain name, and set it up with my server?

    I'm afraid i don't know anything really about nameservers - all i know is that one of my domains has them ( & - does this help at all?

    Thank you!

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    By adding accounts as normal in WHM, they get all of the features you stated above anyway. And you can assign accounts to the same IP address. I currently have a VPS. Basically the same as a dedicated. I have 4 ips, of which 2 are assigned to my nameservers but can still use them and 1 is my main one, though I do have a few domains and accounts on an IP.

    You can add accounts to the same IP address, with different domains, they do not need seperate ips.

    What I did was, registered my domain name, went into WHM and made a new account for the domain name. (just account). I then, set my domain to point to my nameservers and after about 24 hours it pointed to the new account.

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    You, my friend, are a legend.

    I've just added it in WHM, now just to wait the 24-48 hours to see if it all works fine and dandy.

    If it does, will i be able to access cpanel through that domain, to see it's stats etc?

    Thank you again!

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    Yep you can. Every account added has it's own nice cpanel page! Only reseller accounts should be used for people who would like to use their allocated space and bandwidth for other people.

    Accounts: make, ftp stuff cpanel, etc the basics.

    Reseller accounts: have the basics, cpanel, WHM, and added features WHM offers.


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    you are my hero of the day. salutes you.


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