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    new to making a nameserver

    Calm. A cleansing breath.

    A little help needed here. The background: I have a bunch of sites that I have running off a dedicated server. Historically, I have managed the domains via NameCheap and it's been fine.

    Now I am planning to move some of the sites to my new hosting setup at Allmanaged. I have my primary site set up on Allmanaged and it's working fine.

    Now, to move forward, my understanding is this: I should go to NameCheap and setup my hosting domain as a nameserver "," with the appropriate IP stuff, etc. Then when I move a site to this new space, I should point the site's DNS at this new nameserver. Correct? Well, I did this and (even after waiting a couple days) it's no go.

    This seems confusing and simple all at once and the Allmanaged support team seems to be near expert level at giving cryptic answers that are over my head (or I'm not asking the right way!).

    Any help would be had - thanks in advance,

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    Just explain to allmanaged that you need them to "untech" their answers because you're a more novice user. - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    When you log into your domain registrar's control panel, there should be an option to "register nameserver" or "add nameserver" or some similar option. Go into that option and create the ns1 and ns2 nameserver records using the IPs your provider gave you. Then you have to wait up to 72 hours for the changes to take effect.

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    Cool - that's pretty much what I've done, so I'll just wait it out.

    Bohica - I think I'll do that from now on

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    Little confused here since you mentioned you have some of the sites on a dedicated server. With allmanaged are you on a dedicated server or virtual hosting?

    If it's dedicated what control panel are you running
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    My existing sites are on a dedicated server that I run myself. I used Namecheap's interface to manage the DNS and never needed to set up a Nameserver.

    Now I'm moving most of it to a "Reseller Hosting" account at Allmanaged and so I needed to setup my first Nameserver and to point my existing sites at it. Pretty sure all the controls are set correctly now, just gotta wait out the hours and see what happens.

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