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    slicing problem in photoshop

    Helo All,
    I am pretty confused in slicing my following layout

    The problem is that i want to have those 1 pixel dark grey borders around menus and content place thru tables and not want them to be as an image or image in the table background, how can i do that ???

    Secondly look at the weblink

    If you save it and open it in Dreamweaver you will find that every content box is in seperate table and it has also that 1 pixel grey border along with the menu, it has been done by giving grey background to cells ...has he slice the whole layout in photoshop or has he made the table strcuture first in dreamweaver or frontpage and then put the sliced weblaouyt in it ..because when i slice the layout in ps it always have a single table..

    sorry for the bad english but i hope u all can understand my question

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    Do you mean a border like on this one:

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    If you do mean a border such as the one linked to by youk2r, here ya go...

    Something witty here...

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