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    Custm NameServers 50 sites

    I am going to host 50 sites. I want to split them up among two separate reseller accounts (hosts). I am planning on using custom name servers. If I register four custom name servers:

    can I use ns1 and ns2 with one host and ns3 and ns4 with another?

    I need to find two companies with the same control panel, webmail system asp/ support


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    Find those two companies, and register DNSes like :

    DNS / IP address / / / yyy.yyy.yyy.yy3 / yyy.yyy.yyy.yy4

    Use the first pair with the first company (X)
    and use the other pair with the second comapny (Y).

    The domain name will be hosted with X .
    The domain name will be hosted with Y.

    When visitors go to they can be redirected to

    This is the easiest way.

    If you wish to use only one domain name
    hosted with X it would be harder
    to accomplish what you wish, since the first pair of DNSes should
    use IPs from X and the second pair IPs from Y.

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    That should work just fine. You can host certain clients on the second server (ns3 + ns4). Others can be hosted on the first server (ns3 + ns4. But, you can only host on one server.

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