at the moment i`m running a dedicated server with CentOS 3.4 on it and plesk for the administartion.

Before i continue i want to reccomment the new dedicated server user to DON`T USE PLESK!!!

Reason: It uses OLD packages and you won`t be able to update your machine anymore with apt-get or up2date!!! So if you want to update it than you need to update EVERY package manualy!!! and i got alot of errors while trying that...

oke.. now back on the performance question..

i want to reinstall my server with another os.. i was thinking of GENTOO but gentoo also takes alot of hdd space with that emerge system... maybe to much for a 40 GB disk (that`s in my server now) and it might be a bit to EXTREME for just 1 server so i was wondering how well centos 4 is performing for the following things:

1 or 2 gameservers
apache (with php)

And those 4 compared with centos 3.4 (currently on my server)

Thanx alot.