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    Thumbs up Need SIMPLE control panel software with...

    Hi there.

    I would like to find a new control panel and client management system with...

    1) control panel (for ftp+e-mail admin, disk+transfer stats)
    2) shopping cart (for online ordering)
    3) billing system (for automated monthly billing)
    4) "ticket" support system

    H-Sphere seems to have all that we need but it works on a per-user basis which I don't really like. I'd rather just pay one time for a license.

    Alternatively I guess I could find seperate tools for what I need.

    Has anyone used any of the following:

    VHCS (Virtual Hosting Control System)
    whois cart v2.2

    These are the most feature packed and cost effective solutions I could find, please feel free to suggest others.


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    Direct Admin and AWBS is a cost effective and good solution.

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