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    check number of sites on a server


    Is there any way to findout how many sites are hosted on a server?
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    You can use, you need to become a member. To see more than 2 results, you need to become a paying member.

    Sometimes it will not show any domains at all, even when you know there are...

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    doesnt shows number of sites on an IP? Or is it on server?
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    IP I believe, checked via multiple whois records, so is not 100% accurate, nor will it tell you EVERY domain on the server

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    any other way to find all websites on a server?

    Or is there any script/tool i can install on my server to show all the websites hosted on tht server..
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    1,349 shows indiscriminately number of sites on domains and subdomains. Showing all domains on one IP is a paid service.
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    Yeah is the most ideal and popular way to find the number of sites hosted over the server. It uses the IP address in order to search for this and the domain name does not work. But again you cannot guarantee the aqurate numbers over there.

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