One of our enterprise clients has recent upgraded their servers to Dell Poweredge 2850s, so we have the following very powerful SCSI based server for rent.

Only 3 units left, offer is limited, please contact us for details!

IBM rackmount server (unmanaged)

- Dual PIII-S 1.26Ghz, 512K L2 x 2
- IBM eSeries U320 10K 8M SCSI HD 36G x 2 (total 73G)
- W2K3 Web Edition
- HELM 3.2.2 Single Server Lic.
- Comes with Remote Desktop
- Total 300G traffic

Servers are in the HKCIX (, Hong Kong, Tier-1 NTT/Verio bandwidth.

Performance shows these enterprise grade servers are much reliable for 24/7 operation and in fact faster during heavy multi-users loading compares to many P4 2.8-3.2Ghz IDE based DIY servers mainly due to PIII-S Tualatin's 512K L2 cache and U320 10K, 8M Cache IBM eSeries SCSI HD and most of all, it runs much cooler than P4 or Xeons.

Min: contract 6 months

US$180 per mo. with 6 months payment
US$150 per mo. with 1 year payment

- Email Accounts: 10 Email account with 50M storage each, US$15/mo.
- MSSQL: 100M, US$50/mo.
- Statistics Server by LiveStat: 1 web site licence, US$10/mo.
- Full server backup service to the 2nd HD or our NAS network with 30 days archived images: US$50/mo. (you can restore the whole server within 10 mins., you can also use it to restore files or directories)

Managed Service: You can purchase a special offered rate of US$180 for unlimited managed service on your server per month.

Managed service including windows server trouble shooting, configuration, FTP server, email server, DNS, MSSQL server support, backup and restore, security audit and remote hands, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.