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    One Login, Muiltiple Domains

    My uncle has 4 websites (.coms).
    When he goes to ftp, and he logs in, there are four folders with his domain names.

    How would I install something like that on my own server?

    So that when a customer logged in, they could ftp to more than one domain.

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    Directadmin ( is setup like this, I'm not sure about other control panels, ensim -used to- not be like that and plesk -used to- not do this either. Last time I used Ensim was 3.11 and Plesk was version 2.53 so they could do this now too, but I know Directadmin does it just like this. /home/user/domains/<domain list> is the structure
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    H-Sphere is setup like this, too...

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    is there one i can use with / as an add-on to cPanel?

    can I use these with cPanel?..

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    Sorry you can not use these with Cpanel.

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    so to use this method

    i wouldnt be able to provide cPanel with the domains?

    thanks, ill look in two those two you guys gave me.

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