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    * IP Address Question

    I am thinking of moving my hosting to, but they do not give you any ip address by default. My question is, do I really need them? My current host is great, but I really like the idea of billing software and I like some of the premade templates from hostgator. I have 4 ip address from my current host (2 for nameservers, 1 for my site, and 1 for my sold sites). I would be thankful for all suggestions. I have also been looking at


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    If you don't have any SSL certs installed, you can get away with 2 IP addresses actually.

    The 2 nameserver IP addresses, in cPanel/WHM, can be re-used for sites as well if need be., a Digitally Justified Company
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    This article suits you, baby!

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    As was stated before if you don't need a ssl cert, or anonymous ftp, you really do not need any dedicated ip addresses.

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