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    Oracle / ASP Web Hosting

    Hello people

    I have a client who wishes to host his website using an existing Oracle database.... he requested if it is possible for an ASP-based website to interact with an Oracle database.. I know that commonly, ASP interacts with SQL Server databases... but in this case, the client insists on Oracle.

    If it is possible, can someone recommend hosts who provide Oracle hosting... a list would be useful.. even if there aren't many out there.....

    Also, are there any drawbacks to Oracle web hosting - e.g. cost, speed, etc.. ?

    Please let me know.



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    Hello Ajay,

    You should probably take a look at Jodo Host. Most hsphere hosts can accomodate dual platform - however, Jodo Host is pretty unique in offering Oracle...

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    The only real disadvantage of Oracle is cost. It is otherwise undoubtely the best enterprise-level DB platform out there currently - Build, Share & Embed - Windows VPS Hosting, ASP.NET and SQL Server Hosting
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    There are some hosts around providing hositng with Oracle as the data base. Some of them would be or

    You can check the plan details over there site. But yes the price is one big factor when you are going for oracle hosting.

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    I just searched for oracle hosting.. well it seems to be quiet costly...
    pls let us also know about your experience
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    What sort of Oracle services are you looking for specifically?

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