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    What is a good windows package?

    I want to move my current WINDOWS shared server reseller account over to a more reliable company. Can you recommend a good windows package where I can get it set up right after I make the purchase and one that will cost about 40 or 50 per month for about 15 websites, email, ftp, asp, my sql, ms access. Also with plesk control panel.
    and masked dns so it looks like hosting is from me, and ability to setup my clients with their own control panel with my companies header etc etc.

    Thanks for your advice.


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    Many good Windows reseller providers. For Plesk - you may want to try (not sure about the brandable skins though)

    Also - you may want to consider H-Sphere providers as most support dual platform reseller plans...

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    DIY uses Hsphere where you can brand the control panel as a reseller.
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    Originally posted by radv
    DIY uses Hsphere where you can brand the control panel as a reseller.
    Great point, you can most certainly brand h-sphere - however, DIY also offers plesk (which was the original requirement)..

    What Im not certain about is if you can brand plesk or not...

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    thanks everybody, I will look into it.

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