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    [FOR HIRE] System Administrator / Tech Support Level 2/3

    Name: Valery Markov
    Age: 21 Years Old
    Email: [email protected]


    A strategic position that will take advantage of my communication skills and knowledge of the information technology industry

    Technical Skills

    Significant experience with the following languages, applications and frameworks:
    * FreeBSD 4.X and 5.0
    * OpenBSD 3.X
    * Apache 1.3.X
    * Slackware Linux 4.0 - 8.1
    * Redhat Linux 5.4 - Fedora (1 , 2)
    * Perl
    * Cpanel/WHM
    * Hsphere Control Panel
    * Plesk, Ensim Control Panel
    * Java/PHP/SQL/C/C++/Assembly (programming languages)
    * Can provide remote tech-support via Helpdesk or LiveChat

    Experience: Administrated RedHat Linux 7.3/8/9, Fedora Cores 1 and 2, FreeBSD

    * Compiled general software packages from source, such as Kernel, Apache, PHP, etc.
    * Update kernel to the latest release + security patches
    * Created journaling filesystems, managed filesystem tabs, etc.
    * Removal of insecure packages and unnecessary software
    * Securing PHP
    * Apache / MySQL tweaking for maximum performance
    * Created bash scripts to automate certain tasks
    * Used chkconfig to create new system startup entries and manage existing ones
    * Edited and secured iptables rules for system security
    * Updated kernels from vanilla source and RedHat RPM.
    * Managed crontabs to automate system tasks
    * Monitored system workload and maintained a safe working environment for other

    Please contact me to receive full resume and references.

    Valery Markov
    Advice is judged by results, not by good intentions.

    Cicero 106BC - 43-BC

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    i see you have copied my resume

    couldn't your use your own real one

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    It's a standart list of things I can do.If you look through the text you'll see that I've added and/or modified some points.Are you telling me you're the only one allowed here to list common experience ??

    Besides, this is not a resume but a list of experience, right ?I have my own one, and it's clearly stated that it will be sent along with my references.

    Best Regards,
    Valery Markov
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    Advice is judged by results, not by good intentions.

    Cicero 106BC - 43-BC

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