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    What Host do i need?..

    Hello Everyone...

    Im in need of some help finding the right shared host for what i want to do... (i cannot afford a dedicated server)

    I want to install a php program/script called "DWODP PRO".
    The scripts requirements are as follows:

    System requirements

    * PHP 4.1.0 or higher
    * Perl 5
    * Shell access (either SSH or Telnet)
    * Perl DBI modules for MySQL
    * MySQL database with at least 2-2.5Gb of space
    * At least 4Gb of free space for the import process (including the 2Gb for the database)
    * 256Mb of RAM minimum (512Mb strongly recommended)

    My budget is around $30 a month for a host

    i've been looking at the hosting plan called Superhosting MultiSite in

    Thank you in advanced for any of your help


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    Are you trying to start a search engine?
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    Hello, can you use jailed shell ? THat is a good price range. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    yes wanga... im gonna be opening many portals on different subjects...

    generouswebhosting... i dont know, the requirements i posted are the only things they say it needs....

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    2.5 G mysql database is a huge database. Is it necessary for you to duplicate the entire dmoz database?

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    Lol... yeah its pretty big, but i have many projects for all that info....

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    You can find a better solution when you place a quote request sinse you the hosting companies cannot offer you directly over here. You can place a quote request at the following link:-

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    i suggest you make a list of all th hosts that fit into your budget/requirement matrix, search for reviews on them..and then contact them to check whether they can help you with this..

    I have tried with some popular hosts... they wont give you shell access no matter what

    Last and best option is a VPS but it would cost you atleast $50 IMHO
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    What type of script is it - DWODP PRO ???
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    I would suggest using hostquote in conjunction with posts concerning hosts that may contact you..

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    Hostquote will not give you any leads--it is currently being revamped.

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    Well, I guess you might take a look at one of the premium plans at Micfo. It sounds like they might offer what you ask for.
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    I think you need a VPS. As a host, we can't customise php on a shared server.
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