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    I need to move 40 sites to my new dedicated server....


    as stated, i need to move 40 sites hosted in godaddy hosting to my new dedicated server ......

    is there some service for moving sites ? i only found one, but charges 50$ per site, wich is far far far away of my budget ....

    is there some script for doing it?

    some programmer interested in writing an script for doing it ?

    what solutions are there ?

    please PM me if interested or reply here ...



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    for new dedicated server i have Cpanel installed on it but for godaddy hosting , there hasnot Cpanel .....

    not sure about ssh stuff .... im not a skilled programmer ...

    tnx for the answer ...

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    Does the sites on the older machine have database or scripts or are they just vanilla plain static contents such as HTML, image files and downloads ?

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    ok guys, tnx ....

    i arranged with my new host for moving by hand .... he charged to me 200$ ... he is doing with 4 computers and a php script ....

    little more expensive than expected but at least i asked to bill me half today and half next month ....

    tnx again,


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    Originally posted by DedicatedPlace
    Wow! $200 for that !?!?!
    When the databases have to be moved as well, and everything is being done by hand, then that is a good price. There is no transfer script included with cPanel that helps you move away from a host without a known control panel, like GoDaddy.

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    well at websitemovers charge 50$ per site .. so in my case 5$ per site and payable half now and half in one month is not bad at all .....

    tnx folks ....

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    Well, if you know the stuffs, then you could use the support of the old server and the shell of your new server to properly move the sites to your new server.
    ESC :wq!

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    thank you folks ....

    since im not techie i got the offer from my new hosting provider and take the 200$ price for moving 40 sites .....

    tnx again.

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