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    clean hosting design, come and see

    Hello WHT user,

    as usual the design will include

    - psds
    - full rights
    - fonts used

    view on

    View Main
    View Main Footer

    looking for 120$USD
    *make a offer via PM or mail if you don't like the price *

    my mail is: [email protected]
    aim: akurashyfox
    msn: [email protected]

    for any question please contact me *look above*

    looking for a forum match? i can do that *for a price*
    don't like something in the template yet you want it, please feel free to ask via PM or email

    i charge 10$ per page (for the people that don't want to copy paste the content because they don't know how to)

    i can't code (in term of programming language)
    Site Coming Soon | Route Cafe Blog

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    nice template. good luck

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