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    Liquid Web sales/ support coherency

    I emailed Liquid Web Sales department with a presales question, and got a response from one of their System Admins. Is it just me, or do they not exactly sound professional/ intelligent when it comes to email communication? Rather incoherent responses with grammar/ spelling mistakes. I got the same impression when emailing them a few months ago, and apparently it's still the same. Are they better on the phone or when it comes to actual support issues? This is a red light in my book as far as signing up with them.

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    Well I wouldn't bring this up if these are simple spelling and grammar mistakes. They're to the degree it's often incoherent as far as the few emails I've gotten from them. Definitely doesn't reflect well, and these are things I have to go by as a pre customer.

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    Commucation is a big part of business.

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    Can you PM or email me your ticket number, I would like to look into this. Thanks!
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    Sure, ticket # pmed. I don't want to dig up the past tickets that are basically the same as far as coherency. It was actually the main reason I didn't sign up for a dedicated then.

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    All the tickets I've ever had with LiquidWeb have been very professional. I just went back and reviewed them all and they are all have complete sentences without any obvious grammar or spelling mistakes.

    It has been a couple of months since I put a ticket in though...
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    I never had that problem, but english isn't my native language and i could correspond with them very easily.....

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