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    Fedora Core 1, Apache Install?

    Does anyone know a good link where I can find a guid on how to install Apache on a fedora core 1 server? I have searched google and nothing was much helpfull there, please help out!


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    I have Fedora core 3 with Apache running and a nice copy of Yabb2 going as well. Just install Apache and Perl (APT/YUM/Synaptic) and then make sure to tick the httpd box under system settings>server setting>services and then become root and put your cgi stuff in var/www/cgi-bin and everything else in var/www/htdocs. You can get a VPN account w/ a dedicated connection and static IP for under 70 bucks but I personally like to let other people do my hosting because it leaves me free to do other things instead of being tied down all day. I ran my whole show right down to my own DNS server awhile back and loved the independence of it all but it's a lot of work and very involved.

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