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    chmod problem on directory / Fedora3

    i am running fedora3
    i wanted to setup my ftp users so they couldnt access the / directory
    so i am not sure what i did to mess it all up. here the commnands i tryed to use to change / and then try to fix it back to normal:
    chmod 711 /
    chmod -R a+wrx /
    chmod -R a+wx /
    now i get quiet a few errors when it reboots.
    And the desktop is all messed up.
    is there a command to restore / back to default?
    or will i have to format it?
    if you need any more information on it please let me know.
    any help or ideas would be great
    thank you

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    All I can say is that you made a major screwup... Different files have different permission masks, and what you've done is set one mask for ALL files on your server (-R means "recursive", i.e. "/ and below"). And this is a BIG problem for numerous system files, etc.

    IMHO, you won't be able to restore the system to a stable and secure state - so, unless it's absolutely impossible, I advise you to reinstall.
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    rescue with cdrom fedora3?

    can i use the rescue r5 option with the cd to fix the problem or do you recommend a format and reload?

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    Yeah, you need to reinstall for sure, right now that server is more or less wide open from a security point of view. Anyone with a local account can get root access.

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