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    Question Emergency PHP Coder

    I require a PHP / Mysql Coder Immediately. They must be available to start on a project now, and be able to complete it within a few hours.

    Payment on completion via paypal. Immediate.

    Please post AIM / MSN contact details below. First come first served.

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    Hi Francis,

    Could you post a little more detail about the project?

    Many thanks,
    + Good value never goes out of style.
    + BSD and Linux hosting with exceptional support and service

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    Small CMS three levels of usergroups.

    Normal Users - Default usergroup when registered, can select tutorial group and read tutorials. Can submit ticket for staff to answer.

    Staff - Can view tutorials, answer tickets.

    Admin - Can add new tutorials, upgrade users to Staff.

    Private Messaging and Memberlists for all.

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    I am an experienced coder myself, I just don't have the time .

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    kristofferGD has the job, i'll give you a progress update and tell you how good they are .

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