(mt) Media Temple is proud to announce the release of its 4th generation (ss) Shared-Server hosting platform. Improving on an already award-winning platform, (mt) has radically enhanced performance, resource allocations, and software features - as well as rolling out numerous customer-driven feature requests. Summarized below are some of the outstanding features of the new 4.0 release:

Massive disk space increase!
The new (ss) Shared-Server 4.0 has radically improved amounts of disk space representing over a 700% increase from our previous hosting plans. We now offer 2GBs on our (ss) Professional level plan (up from 250MBs), and a whopping 5GBs on the (ss) Advanced plan (up from 1GBs). Furthermore, (mt) Media Temple has made an investment of over one half million dollars in storage technology that upgrades your site to use a fiber-optic SAN based system designed to increase performance, scalability, and reliability.

PHP Power Mode!
Customers will appreciate the new "PHP Power Mode" feature which allows scripts to run with PHP Safe Mode turned OFF. This new feature eliminates common installation and programming issues which required some customers to create tricky workarounds in order to get complex scripts working such as Gallery, Mambo, etc. Now with PHP Power Mode, customers can enjoy hassle free installation of thousands of new PHP scripts without compromising or reducing the level security of their sites.

For More information, go to: http://mediatemple.net/services/webh...inux-standard/

(mt) Media Temple