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    Angry Gone???

    Like I need this happening to me a second time!

    I went to check some sites I had hosted on my reseller with and noticed the sites were gone, so I checked and it's gone too.

    There was no warning, nothing. Does anyone know what happened?

    I had a lot of stuff on my account and I am not sure if everyone made back-ups.

    I can't wait to have my own server. No one is reliable these days!

    Thankfully I wasn't paying and traded a design for the hosting. Oh well....


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    I've emailed Exocrew, and they say the server was hacked.

    I do hope it's fixed quickly.

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    Expcrew down again for the past few days - anyone have any info?

    I was just getting ready to move to a new host & just needed to copy over my phpbb db

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    I've emailed them and they say there's been a power problem and they're trying to get the files back.

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