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    Not using swap...?

    Ok, we have a program that seems to have a memory leak. After like 10 days or so, it was usued to crash since all available memory was used.

    The thing is it was used to use swap to free up some memory before it finally crashes after 10 days but we recently added 512MB of RAM to help a bit until we find out whats wrong and where is the memory leak exactly but the problem is that since we added these 512MB of RAM, the system doesn't use swap anymore and the program is crashing faster than before.

    Is there any possible reason why a system can stop using swap anymore after we add some RAM? We are using FreeBSD 5.3


    Oh and is there anyone good at finding memory leaks? I know that there is some programs that can be used "live" for to find out where the memory leak is but we never really used this before...

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    Well, swap is only used when the RAM isn't available for whatever reason (say it's locked by another program). NOT using swap is a good thing. Swapping is resource intensive and should be avoided at all costs.

    If you are having a memory leak, swap would be filled up and RAM would be down to a number close to 0 between the free and cached amounts.

    If anything, you're having software issues and not RAM issues.

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    I know that. This is a software issue but the problem is since we added 512MB of RAM, it doesn't use swap anymore and it crashes everyday instead of every 10 days.

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