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    Diagnosing Unusual Bandwidth Usage?

    My main server is currently taking 3947kb/s inbound according to NAC's little customer care control panel. It's only pushing out 293kb/s. I don't know if I am reading these numbers right, please let me know your opinions.

    The main bandwidth user on that server is yet another image hosting service. However, 4/1 to 4/30 shows 650GB inbound and 53GB outbound traffic.

    Assuming every image uploaded is viewed at least once by the uploader, shouldn't outbound transfer be greater than inbound? For 5/1 to 5/2 it's already at 41GB inbound and 3GB outbound.

    Are these numbers reversed for some reason in display only?

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    Seems backwards to me. I "turned off" one of my highest traffic websites for 5 minutes for the traffic graph to update, and it went from 2mb/s to 200kb/s INBOUND traffic. Obviously the number of people requesting the webpage didn't drop 10fold during that 5 minute period, it's the lack of output that dropped since that's what I turned off.

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    chat rooms consume more inbound than out bound
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    They may be reversed if they're being pulled from the switch.

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    It's probably reversed if it's coming off a switch, as if you think about it, from the switch'es point of view, everything's back to front

    Do you know what switch you're connected to? (type)

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    They are reversed as they are measured off the switch.
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    Originally posted by NACmwinship
    They are reversed as they are measured off the switch.
    Makes sense. Now if only I could straighten out the other server I ordered Thursday I'd be all set with NAC.

    It came with a bad OS install, which I was then charged $5 to have reinstalled, then credited at my request.

    Since then, the server's gone down every 4 hours (or more) or so and doesn't always come back up even after multiple power cycle reboots.

    Another day another ticket. I hope someone actually takes a look at it this time to find out what's broken and fix it or replace it. I need this server up because my other NAC server just cannot handle all my websites anymore.
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    Dan, how often do you update the database powering your websites? If the updates are infrequent to what powers the live part (exclude statistics and other stuff like that), you could just purchase a dedicated server from another provider, and use round robin DNS to mitigate the load immediately. From there, those stats not used in generating live pages could be aggregated.

    This is clearly a problem of host error. Only on defective hardware have I ever seen a fresh *nix install (from a stable build) be buggy and unfunctional. Either there is bad hardware, and they failed to fix it, or the OS load tech is an idiot. Either way, they should have fixed it by now, and if their problems are preventing you from functioning normally, I'd be looking elsewhere for the next server.

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    When everything was running off one server, it was doing around 75 queries per second during the afternoon and evening. The majority of the queries come from a page which has a single (but multi-table and therefore not exactly quick) select query and two update queries.

    The two services putting up the most DB load are an image hosting site and a web hit counter/statistics site. Both require a large number of small update queries (viewing an image or displaying the counter and recording the visitor information), so it's not very static.

    The new server has 1GB of RAM as opposed to 512MB on the current, and was handling it without any noticeable load. The only problem is that it won't stay consistently online and NAC isn't resolving this problem very efficiently. I just e-mailed support@ to find out if anyone even received my ticket from over 2 hours ago which went to tickets@ in a reply to the ticket. There was no auto-confirmation but I don't think there is supposed to be on tickets@.

    Support response times used to always be under 30 minutes, I don't know what's going on now.
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    Sounds like you might have some bad hardware... have them change out the RAM
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    40 minutes since I mailed support@ and no response. Almost 3 hours since I replied to yesterday's ticket that the server was again down and didn't come back up from reboot. No response at all to either.

    I used to love NAC.. one of the few companies that always provided excellent support.. now I'm not in such a good mood. As far as I can see, I ordered a (implied working) server on Thursday and still have not received it 5 days later and nobody's helping. And they provide no phone support to find out why there's no e-mail responses. I can't really talk on the phone now anyway but I'd at least call them on lunch break to get some contact.
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