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    OOD.NET/ Buyout price $650

    UMB.NET/ Buyout price $750

    OZS.NET/ Buyout price $400

    DKD.ORG/ Buyout price $250

    IUH.ORG/ Buyout price $165

    KPW.ORG/ Buyout price $150

    MXD.ORG/ Buyout price $150

    TXC.ORG/ Buyout price $125

    XLX.ORG/ Buyout price $150

    XSE.ORG/ Buyout price $150

    XTF.ORG/ Buyout price $150

    ZZI.ORG/ Buyout price $110

    Also check out my $1 no reserve Ebay auctions for,, and

    Post sold to claim at the posted asking prices otherwise feel free to make an offer. or bank wire is preferred. Paypal may be accepted (depending on the buyers reputation).

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    Those are some nice domains you got there, too bad I don't have the budget readily at hand to pick up a few of those. All the best of luck with selling!

    Edit: PS: PM me if you are willing to let one go for under dog pricing :p J/K
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    The rest of the sale is over. Thank you to all.

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