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    best all in 1 ecommerce service?

    hey guys i need recommendations for an all inclusive ecommerce solution that's less than $75 monthly. Currently we use yahoo store and found it to be too expensive. They charge you for freaking every little thing/change.

    so far i found it is almost perfect except they dont have coupon code feature, which is critical for online business.

    So i am looking for solutions that has shopping cart / payment / email notifications / product catalogs all integrated into 1 package. I am an experienced programmer so dont mind customization, but do not have the time to go through the whole integration / setup myself as i have no experience with shopping carts and credit card processing.

    thank you!

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    My suggestion would be to setup a merchant account & gateway combination (offered by many merchant providers) along with a hosting account and then install a package like osCommerce or ZenCart. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    Hello gagaliya,

    There are many excellent alternatives to Yahoo stores available to you.

    Chris has outlined it pretty clearly..

    The componants you will need are:

    1) shopping cart (hosted)
    2) Merchant Account/Gateway
    3) SSL certificate

    WRT 1) - there are MANY shopping carts to choose from. I would recommend playing with several of them and determining which one is the best fit for you. You can then shop around for a host offering that solution....

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    I echo what Chris said, and really recommended oscommerce as it is widely used and easily configurable.

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    Contact Martin over at - and see what they can help you out with. They have some great e-commerce solutions.

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    I would try out osCommerce. I am currently using it for 2 clients and they love it.


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    thanks guys i did some further research. please see below:

    1) osCommerce - basically your online store. find a tomcat apache hosting site and slap this baby on there. Of course do some config/html etc. no problem here, since it's all php.

    2) merchant account / gateway / ssl - this is where the confusion comes in. I dont want to use some small noname company for this. Are there any sites that integrate all 3 into 1 service? i think looks good, but they dont tell you how much they charge. what is the usually "fair" price for those kind service? fees per transaction? can someone just recommend me a good merchant account/gateway/ssl seller?

    thanks again

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    Hello gagaliya,

    Generally speaking, a hosting provider that has partnered with various other service providers is a good way to go... for example is just a gateway - you will still need the shopping cart, merchant account, hosting and SSL...

    Most eCommerce hosts provide everything you need in a 1 stop shop type of situation...

    Hope this helps...

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    Originally posted by CartikaHosting
    Most eCommerce hosts provide everything you need in a 1 stop shop type of situation...

    hey carti, can you please provide me a few good examples of such hosting?

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    In most cases you can get Merchant Account with Payment Gateway together and SSL Certificate and Hosting Service from your hosting provider. Most hosting providers resell SSL Certificates.

    Thank you,
    Eugene Kapustin
    PM me for details

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