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    my google rank..

    Okay, so I'm not a very big company (only local stuff), but I spent a night or two getting a few links from various pages, submitting to a couple web directories etc.

    Anyways, 2 days ago I was finally ranked in google. Not very high - but I was still in their system. If you typed in the name of my company, I was third on the list, city + website + hosting I was like 122 or something, anyways - I was ON THE LIST!!

    But now, I have vanished. In the span of 2 days, I've gone from being listed as 3rd when you type in my company to not eve being in google's system (or atleast not in the top 1000 according to google rankings).

    What gives? Did I do something wrong? Is there someone I can contact about this?


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    I suspect this has to do with your query hitting different Google datacenters. Give it some time before you get too worried about it.

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    Go go FreshBot go! Google's too complicated anymore. There's not much we can do to influence it, so just find links that might give you some traffic and keep on marketing in other ways.
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    Google is too complicated anymore, I agree. Optimize your site, then worry about other ways of obtaining a steady flow of potential customers. Just my 2cents
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    Google ranking system changed alot within the last 3 months. Google has big pain due to 302 content hijackers which were pain ofr us too, damaged all of our ranks, we fall to the 50 unique referer within a day from 300, we were ranking at cpanel hosting, ensim hosting and all the realted keywords #1 results and all of them gone in a night... and it was just because 302 hijacking and i can assume which hosting companies are behind that orginised 302 hijacker crap sites however i cant give any name since i cant approve their hijacking with their relationships with the crap sites that is hijacking every ranker hosting sites pages content by 302redirects except those hosting companies pages..

    Your issue may because of that if you lost all of your ranks desparetely but this is not the board you can discuss it deeply or learn the 302 hijack details.

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    I've heard of google blacklisting some sites that try to boost PR (directories and whatnot...). Maybe that had something to do with it.
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    I wasn't doing anything like that. I just had like 6-7 relavant tags, and probably 3-4 links to my page. As I said not a huge rank, I just wanted it so that if people typed in the company name because they forogot the url, they could find it - but that was lost.

    Luckily I'm back now, so all is well - thanks all.

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    You can see if your site will be updated on their search if you go to www2 and www3 instead of www google - Cheap cPanel Virtual Hosting: Fantastico and more. LIVE HELP!
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