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    DNS server and Web server on the same machine


    I want to move to TP and I have to move my DNS entries to new location too because the current DNS server (in Czech rep.) is very slow. It took sometimes 3 sec. to get IP from it.

    I'm just wonder if I can place DNS server on the same machine where webs will be.
    The current traffic is about 70.000 pages served/day on 8 websites.
    Will it be fast enough to run them (DNS and 8 Webs ) on the same machine ?

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    It shouldn't have any problem running them both - DNS really isn't cpu intensive and 70 thousand a day is quite minimal.

    It does depend on the hardware behind it of course - but anything that TP offers should be sufficient.
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    Yes, you can run your own DNS without any problems performance wise. However DNS is a distributed database. It can run just with one server (yours), but the standards recommend at least two servers located on different subnets.

    I use DNS Made Easy for my DNS. I used them for last two years without any problems. And the price is right, too - $29.95 a year for 50 domains. Cannot really beat that.

    Zoneedit is a service I used before I moved to DNS Made Easy. They are dependable also, but quite expensive. I moved over solely based on price.

    Before Zoneedit I used Granite Canyon free service. The DNS resolved fine all the time, but updates were very slow (just once a day back then) and the management interface was more down than up.

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