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    Web Hosting - Multiple Domains

    Can anyone recommend me a good web hosting provider that will allow me to log-in as one master user, have multiple web hosting accounts, or even have sub-users that are associated with the web hosting account.

    For example, I'll be webmaster, etc - multiple hosting accounts are each client and *sub login* is for each client to be able to log into their account also.

    Similar to how Enom/Registerly setup for domain names.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    Any reseller account (this does not mean that you actually nead to sell anything) and the cp that comes with it would allow you to do that.

    Finding a good provider is a more difficult task.

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    I would like to suggest been with them for a month odd and have had no troubles at all.

    Their prices are excellent and so is their support.

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    Ditto okok, you're looking for a reseller account, have a look about the forums here and you'll find some previous posts by users who have gone down the same path as you, and wrote a review on who they've ended up with.

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    And in general, you need to be careful about "recommendations" posted by this or that WHT member ( for instace, isn't particularly recommended...). There are a lot of cases of people registering just to post "recommendations". If you want to increase the chances that you won't find yourself in trouble, I would not choose a provider without a proven record of good service. Not that such a record is always a guarantee. If you read the thread further down this forum about and, you'll see how even a reputable company like afforablehost turned into an unbelieveably bad one when purchased by dotcanada.

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    Infact; i found here and saw the bad reviews. So i signed up; got me a good deal and was going to post what happened here.

    And i will in a couple of weeks when ive tried it out more. All im saying is currently they have been very good to me.

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    Multiple domains do not neccessarily have to be handled via a reseller account. Most cPanel hosts offer Addon Domains that allow you to host multiple sites under one master hosting account. Each domain points to sub-directories on your master account. As long as you don't need control panels for each site you host, Addon domains work very well for hosting multiple domains.
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    I had a reseller account with my own domains hosted. Now I changed my ISP and I have 12 domains under 1 account. It's possible on all hosts, but many sell addon domains extra. Try finding unlimited domains in search or offers.

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    If you just want that your clients have their individual logins and they can manage their sites then a reseller account is good for you.. WHM/cPanel would be a good choice IMHO

    And if you also want to customise your server, like most webmasters generally want to..(installing custom scripts/libraries) etc you might need a VPS.. though it depends on your budget..

    VPS gives you root access to your server, so you are free to do whatever you want..

    Best of Luck
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    It all depends upon how many domains you want to be hosted under one account. Also what is the disk space requirement and the bandwidth requirement of your's. This can determine whether the reseller account will be confortable for you or a simple hosting account with addon domain feature in it.

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    Yes, many hosts offer addon domains. I have three domains with one account at DreamHost, for instance. Also Micfo and Site5 offers this feature.
    The details may differ; Site5 for instance has one master domain with the rest put in sub-directories; DreamHost puts each domain in a folder under the document root.
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    Basicly you have 3 options:

    1. Shared hosting with cPanel that allows (unlimited) addon domains

    2. Multi-domain hosting where you can host several domains seperately

    3. Reseller account - that would give you the most flexibility with your hosting


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