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    * Bob and Tom Show

    I have been a listener for years. Are there any other fans out there? If so, what are some of your favorite bits?

    Mr. Obvious?
    Church League Softball Fistfight?
    El Conquistador?
    B - Double E - Double R - U - N - Beerrun?
    The Man Song?
    Going out of business in our 10th year.

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    Pinkly Taurus (repeated it a few times to yourself, you will get it)

    **I know it sounds bad, but as a Taurus owner, I just found it funny as can be.
    Happily hosting @ (Since 3/2003), (Since 2004), & (Since 7/2005)!
    Hosted @ FDC for 9 Years

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    I listen to Bob and Tom every morning as well!
    Save for when I'm in the mood for some good classic rock of course.

    I like the Furglurs Hardware, especially that commercial they have for it.
    I also like El Conquistador, but Furglurs Hardware takes the cake for me
    Haven't been on WHT for 6 years!

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    I haven't listened to them for about 5 years, but they were great when I did listen to them. I'll have to start listening again!

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