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    Problems With Lesewebs I Need Help

    Ok here is begining of mine problem
    Service 	Description 	Start date 	Billing freq. 	Price (?) 	Amount (?)
    Serverhosting	Server YSI001	1-5-2005	1 mo	36,50	36,50
    	Rackspace 1U			12,50	12,50
    	SLA -			0,00	0,00
    	Datatraffic - 4000 GB (Volume)			100,00	100,00
    	Remote power management			0,00	0,00
    	Extra IPs (batch)			0,00	0,00
    Extra's	Rebate: YSI001 - 01/04/2005 till 07/04/2005	9-4-2005	1 time	 	-44,50
     	Extra datatraffic YSI001 - 4-2005: 644GB	30-4-2005	1 time	 	322,00
    Licenses	cPanel (Lease)
    Cust. ref.: YSI001	1-5-2005	1 mo	29,00	29,00
    Subtotal customer	455,50
    Total Amount Due	 	455,50
    As u can see they are asking for me to pay 322euro!!!!!! for 600gb .
    Now prolblem is they dont provide acurate bandwith monitornig so i have no idea how much i am making.....
    Server is working from 15-20mb without stoping for 20 days... because we recived server on 9th of April but 20mb didnt start emidiatly it took few days.... i was monitoring apache every day and we never had more then 150gb/day witch is equal to 3tb or maybe maximum of 4tb

    As cpanel says we made 2.7tb of bandwith from 4tb that we orderd from them...

    Now i want u to tell me how is it posible that 4 other servers are showing exact bandwith usage in cpanel that we made and this SERVER'S CPANEL forgot to add 2TB????? i belive that cpanel isnt acurate but that he mises 50% more bandwith i dont belive that!!!!

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    15-20mbps equals 4-6TB..

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    overage is where the money is on the GB/transfer Dedicated servers
    4000 comes with it for 100 euros yet 644GB overage = 322

    .5 euro per GB overage
    Vs .025 euro per GB then u purchased the block of 4000GB/MNTH w/ the box.

    I do agree that usage reports aren't always right but you will have tough time convincing someone that they are wrong even if they are.

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    For every 1Mb you'll use 290gigs per month.
    For 15Mb you'll use 4.35-4.4 TB per month
    For 20Mb you'll use 5.8TB per month

    Quite simply - they're right. cPanel only logs part of the traffic to begin with.
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    You should be able to login to SSC and see the exact stats.

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    wel problem isnt that i am aware that for 30 days i could make up to 5tb that isnt problem but problem is we were using server for 20 days...


    - Username: xxxxx
    - Password: xxxx

    - Username: xxxx
    - Password:xxxx

    Ifu tell me that i can see bandwith usage from here i would be very hapy because i dont see it

    and i cant lgoin to apc monitoring as i havent recived any info about that

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    and if u said you are close to limit do you want to upgrade or something like that i would do that i would pay 100 euro more for 2TB of extra bandwith but they are now asking 325euro for 600gb

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    Ah, I'm not 100% sure about this, but if I'm not mistaking, you should have access to their Self Service Center (SSC).
    Ask them

    We have a rack with 'm, so it might be a bit different, but we do see 'serverhousing' inside..

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    Here is graphic i maded to see bandwith usage...
    now as u can all see avarage bandwith usage was 133gb/22gb/day that is upload download i think... so that means that is
    30*133=3.9tb and cpanel says we have spent 2.7tb of bandwith!
    witch is equal to this.... 20*133 and we are using server for 20 days...

    After close look at graph u will see that problem is realy in lesewebs and i didnt pass limit that i am alowed...
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    cPanel doesn't count all bandwidth, for instance if you're using PureFTPd, I don't even think they count FTP bandwidth...
    Your graph shows 3.99 Tb, which equals:

    1024 * 3.99 = 4085.76 Gb, so already 85.76 Gb overusage.
    Now, in your contract it says that they use their statistics.
    So perhaps you could ask them for a copy of those before flaming 'm in here?

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    and i have said in first post in here that we always had max 150gb well it seams it started growing in last 4-5 days... from 150-250

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    btw i am not only one that has problems with them...
    and i had problems in begining... and i want to run from them!!!!! and they are just helping me to run..

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    Originally posted by [NL]PeterT
    cPanel doesn't count all bandwidth, for instance if you're using PureFTPd, I don't even think they count FTP bandwidth...
    We have no ftp bandwith.. complete bandwith is mesured trought php... every download of file is downloaded trough php.... nobody cant come to server and download if he doesent request file trough php form so i think that all bandwith is counted...

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    @nitroy2k: there's something I don't understand. Every problem you've with LW, is posted here on Why not mail then first, and wait for their answer?

    3.99TB + 659GB = 4649GB. So, their calculation is right.


    "If you do not know your Customer ID and/or password, please e-mail [email protected] with your name and address details and we will send you your account details within 24 hours."

    -> Check their homepage.
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    Originally posted by quickred
    @nitroy2k: there's something I don't understand. Every problem you've with LW, is posted here on Why not mail then first, and wait for their answer?
    Fully correct. Our administration responded within 2 1/2 hrs of this administrative question.

    What ever happened to normal and direct communication? If you use more datatraffic than you signed up for, you pay overcharges. This is industry-wide accepted. Please check our special; we are very clear about this.

    We use Cisco switches for port readings combined with realtime MRTG graphs. You can see at any time of the day what your usage is and what your expected datatraffic will be at the end of the month.

    We allow customers to upgrade datatraffic packages in the running month, in order to avoid overcharges.

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